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ClipFire: Your Healthcare Facility Concierge

When patients arrive at a healthcare facility seeking medical attention, eye-catching digital signage can answer their commonly asked questions without distracting or overburdening the desk staff. Informative signage can also facilitate better internal communications that make the operation run more smoothly.

Like banks, malls, convention centers and other businesses that increasingly use digital signage, healthcare facilities can also benefit from the use of this technology to perform such tasks as:

  • Greeting visitors with splashy, branded welcome screens 
  • Providing maps, floor plans, and other directions
  • Posting photos and bios to introduce key staff members
  • Stating company policies, such as insurance plans accepted, and
  • Presenting video clips featuring health tips, social posts, news, trivia, and other content to inform and entertain guests in waiting areas

Digital signage can also foster a more enjoyable and productive work environment by displaying worker-focused content, such as recognizing outstanding achievement, events calendars, and health safety guidelines. 

While there are many digital signage solutions on the market, ClipFire from ENCO is uniquely a full-featured TV Channel-in-a-Box with user-friendly, professional video tools capable of creating engaging multimedia-rich presentations from simple to complex. It also helps to manage and automate key aspects of the digital signage process including:

  • Scheduling or re-arranging media playlists for automated playout
  • Delivering content per a schedule or in a loop via multiple TV, social media and/or web channels
  • Allowing media files to be dragged from central storage to the playout window, and
  • Creating montages of video clips, photos, social posts, graphics, tickers, and music 

Learn more about how ClipFire can deliver sophisticated, informative, and entertaining digital signage that enriches the visitor experience and work environment at your healthcare facility. 

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