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Foreign Language Captions Add Value to Local TV Content

When disaster strikes a region, such as wildfires, chemical spills, hurricanes, or crime sprees, home viewers often turn to their local TV stations for breaking news about the events and how to keep out of harm’s way. As we discussed in our previous blog, DTV broadcasters typically have two or three digital subchannels—in addition to their main HD channel—that they can fill with any content they like. Having free, over-the-air TV channels, with news, weather, public affairs, and more, is an increasingly valuable resource for “cord cutters”, while keeping local, ad-supported TV viable and relevant.

While there are many TV markets serving large Hispanic communities, the U.S. is a melting pot of people from around the world, many of whom don’t speak English as a first language. Presenting information, such as breaking news, with near real-time captions created and translated into one of many foreign languages would make the content more accessible to non-English speaking viewers—provided it can be done cost-effectively.

That’s where enTranslate comes in. Whether it’s a live or pre-recorded show, media stream, and/or entire digital channel, this live automated translation and captioning appliance from ENCO is readily available 24/7 to create foreign language captions in-house. Working in tandem with ENCO’s enCaption automated closed captioning system, enTranslate can:

• Automate live foreign language captions for any show, stream, or channel

• Create captions in any of 46 foreign languages

• Deliver translated captions without advance notice, scheduling, or professional translators

• Generate compliant captions within seconds with greater accuracy than humans can

• Work in off-line mode to translate captions for pre-recorded shows or entire media archives

After enCaption converts the spoken word from video into text for captions, that data flows downstream to enTranslate, which then converts the original language to another with minimal delay. Learn how enTranslate and enCaption work together to create accurate, compliant captions with foreign language translations, making local programming more valuable and accessible despite language barriers.

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