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Just-in-Time Translation for Live Events

In our previous blogs, we discussed how providing open and closed captioning during live events enables deaf and hard of hearing participants to be fully engaged and informed. In this blog, we’ll look at how language barriers present yet another obstacle to effective communications during live events such as:

• Zoom conferences

• Public hearings

• Community meetings

• Webinars

• Presentations and seminars

• Stage shows and rallies

Hiring a fluent foreign language speaker to provide live translation services is not only expensive, it needs to be scheduled well in advance of the event. There’s also no practical, affordable way to impart the translation to audience members in a way that keeps pace with the proceedings, while not distracting everyone else.

ENCO has a better solution that addresses all of these pain-points by:

• Translating accurately and automatically between two different languages  

• Outputting translations as captions that display on large stage monitors, stream to mobile devices, or integrate within Zoom meetings

• Being ready to roll anytime, 24/7

• Delivering translations with only seconds of delay

• Supporting dozens of popular foreign languages, including Spanish, French, and German

Say you need to translate a live presentation from English to Spanish. First, the ENCO enCaption automated captioning appliance converts the English speech to text to create captions. Next, the complementary ENCO enTranslate takes that data stream and converts the English captions to Spanish as the words are spoken. Participants can immediately see the translated captions on stage monitors, on their Zoom interface, or on portable devices that access a designated stream from the event’s web or social media site.

What’s more, this solution can help people who may be both language-challenged and hearing impaired. Learn more about how enCaption and enTranslate work together to breakdown language barriers before your next live event.

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