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Keeping Telehealth Video Captions Safe and Sound

While the medical community is obligated to keep patient health records confidential, this task becomes far more challenging when the information is kept, moved, and handled in electronic form. In our previous blog, we discussed how doctors and patients are increasingly opting for Telehealth video appointments for convenience, and how displaying live captions during these calls can foster better understanding of the information being shared.

Since these captions—and any transcripts derived from them—are electronic files that become part of the patients’ medical records, this data must be handled with the same care and confidentiality as the rest of their private health information. One common way to generate live captions is to transmit the live call audio and/or the video itself to a third-party captioning service to type out and send back for display.

Sending this electronic media file to a third-party captioner poses risks that the contents might be accidentally or maliciously mishandled. To guard against this, medical professionals typically obtain business agreements with third-party captioners and transcriptionists to keep the information they exchange confidential.

But why take the chance if you can manage and control the video call captioning and transcription process in-house? With the enCaption closed captioning system from ENCO, the entire end-to-end process can be done right on the premises using this user-friendly, compact, Windows-driven appliance.

Since enCaption automates the live video call captioning and post-call transcription, healthcare providers can rest assured that their captions data would be:

• Accessed only by authorized personnel at their healthcare facility

• Managed by the fewest number of workers possible

• Kept securely on-premises

• Never shared with third-party companies or other outsiders

• Captured accurately and spelled correctly

Don’t risk the confidentiality of sensitive patient health information when adding valuable captioning to your Telehealth video appointments. Find out more about how enCaption can automate the entire video captioning process affordably, accurately, and right on your own premises.

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