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Making Closed Captioning Affordable to PEG Stations

If you live in a place that’s served by a community media broadcaster, you’re fortunate to have a dynamic source of hyper-local news stories, city government activities, and events that are not typically covered by major market stations. With a mission to inspire greater civic engagement by a more informed citizenry, many community media stations, including PEG (public access-education-government) channels, deliver exclusive video content that reflects the character, concerns, and values of the municipalities they serve.  

Whether funded by government, cable franchise fees, ads and/or subscriber revenues, most community media channels operate on tight annual budgets that limit the paid staffers they can hire, and the gear they can buy to produce such video programming as:        

• Newscasts for broadcast and social media

• Live city council, school board, and other City Hall meetings

• Sports, graduations, musicals, and other school activities

• Public affairs events, like candidate debates, rallies, and speeches

• Special events, like parades and fireworks

To make this programming accessible to viewers with hearing disabilities, or in sound-challenged environments, community stations must provide closed captioning that is accurate, complete, legible, and in sync with the spoken dialogue. With its enCaption closed captioning system, ENCO solves this market’s closed captioning challenges by enabling valuable, time-saving capabilities such as:

• Automating the speech-to-text conversion within a live production workflow

• Delivering high-quality captions that satisfy mandates

• Captioning on-premises without the need to hire human captioners

• Learning unique spellings, such as names and places, based on user input

ENCO strives to make its reliable, broadcast caliber captioning technology affordable to budget-constrained community media organizations so they can adequately serve the public. Learn more about how enCaption can automate your closed captioning accurately, in-house, and at a moment’s notice.

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