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Public Radio Stations Automate Away Operational Challenges

Non-Commercial Educational (NCE) radio stations generally offer educational, cultural, and/or entertainment fare on FM frequencies from 88.1MHz to 91.9MHz, which the FCC has reserved for educational purposes. Stations operating in the lower FM band are typically associated with:

• National Public Radio (NPR)

• Universities and colleges

• Religious groups

• Communities

• Non-profit organizations

Since they’re not advertiser-supported, their funding is dependent upon public sources, such as listener support, endowments, government grants, and pledge drives. In light of these budget constraints, public radio stations often have minimal paid staff and rely on volunteers and syndicated programming to fill their program day.

With its DAD (Digital Audio Delivery) system, ENCO enables NCE stations to do more with less, including:

• Automate one or more channels with exceptional multi-channel audio quality

• Playout up to 16 playlists simultaneously from each networkable DAD workstation

• Manage ops logs on the fly, with changes updated on all networked devices

• Ingest program media files from Dropbox and FTP or other internet sites

• Search and manage a massive media library accessible across a network

• Remotely control a station using an internet-connected iPad or other device  

DJs can take full control and produce fresh, original shows with support from DAD’s automated functionality and integrated asset management. Or, DAD can step in and run scheduled playlists unattended for user-defined time periods. And, stations can scale from one DAD workstation to hundreds or more as growth dictates.

Learn more about how highly reliable, flexible, and proven DAD automated playout can save your public radio station valuable man-hours, streamline efforts, and maximize your valuable resources.

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