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Streaming Lectures that Keep Students Engaged

To ensure that students stay engaged and learn effectively during virtual classes, educators want to keep their online lectures lively, content-rich, and visually interesting. So, rather than just talking over a shared screen or slide presentation, ClipFire by ENCO empowers teachers to produce and stream videos of themselves delivering their lectures live on-camera.

These streamed lectures can be embellished with custom graphics, lower third supers, full screen text, roll-in video clips, still images, and more. Just add a video camera to this “TV Studio in a Box” to start streaming like a pro. What’s more, while this compact, software-driven appliance puts sophisticated broadcast-quality capabilities right on the teacher’s desk, its drag ‘n drop user interface—using a keyboard/mouse or touchscreen—makes it quick and easy for a single operator to control it all.

Designed for precise video playout and streaming, ClipFire can be configured to simplify and/or automate many essential production processes, including:

• Choosing media sources by selecting thumbnail displays on a touchscreen

• Managing live inputs from video cameras and computer inputs

• Switching between camera feeds to focus on the current speaker

• Creating graphics

• Editing and trimming video clips

• Scheduling video playout

• Transcoding media file formats on-the-fly

• Recording lectures for subsequent on demand access

As an intuitive production tool, ClipFire lets teachers unleash their creativity as they transform their classroom lectures for delivery in the virtualized realm. Live lectures stream directly to participating viewers via user-designated web sites or social media platforms. Learn more about how ClipFire from ENCO facilitates the end-to-end process of streaming online lectures so you can focus on your students’ academic experience.

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