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The Benefits of Captioning Online Video Lectures

In our previous blog, we explored how educators can embellish their live-streamed lectures by adding visual elements—such as custom graphics, lower third supers, full-screen text, and video clips—that keep students more attentive and engaged. In this blog, we present the benefits of adding open or closed captioning to live or pre-recorded online lectures, including:

• Making videos more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers

• Facilitating faster searches of pre-recorded lectures in a media library for more efficient asset management and video on demand

• Generating accurate, searchable transcripts of every spoken word in the lectures to reinforce the learners’ understanding

• Translating captions from one language to another

These benefits are only achievable through automation. Without automation, it’s simply too difficult for a single operator or even a small video crew to manage this multi-faceted workflow. What’s more, if there’s a large archive of pre-recorded videos, automation allows high-volume captioning that’s faster and more economical than what human captioners can do.

ENCO solutions can put all of these broadcast-caliber capabilities into the hands of educators. By combining the following compact, software-driven ENCO products into an intuitive, unified workflow, educators can accomplish their lecture streaming goals:  

• ClipFire for automated camera switching, video playout and streaming of lecture videos directly to viewers

• enCaption for automating speech-to-text conversion to add captioning to live or pre-recorded videos, and for automated end-to-end transcription

• enTranslate for translating captions from one language to another

Learn how these stand-alone ENCO systems can work in tandem to make your online lecture videos more polished, searchable, and accessible to viewers, especially those with hearing and language barriers.

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