Translating Zoom Meetings for a More Inclusive Workplace

In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits that corporations can attain by captioning their live Zoom conference calls and webinars. These include making the meeting content more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing participants and increasing the searchability of the content by generating text-based transcripts.

Corporations may want to go a step further by displaying additional captions of the Zoom call in a foreign language. This courtesy makes it easier for those who are not fluent in the call language to fully participate in the discussion. But, providing captions in the original language plus a foreign language simultaneously typically means having to hire two separate professionals—a stenographer and a translator. This conventional approach could be costly and requires advance planning and coordination.

A more practical and convenient approach would be to use two ENCO systems side-by-side: enCaption, which automates captioning in the original language; and enTranslate, which converts the original caption text into any of dozens of popular foreign languages.

Together, these purpose-built, Windows-driven appliances form an automated workflow that delivers many benefits, including:

• Captioning the spoken portion of Zoom calls for on-screen display

• Translating those captions into a foreign language with minimal processing delays

• Delivering greater accuracy than human captioners and translators can, especially during long calls or events

• Cutting the costs of hiring not one, but two services for the captioning and translation

• Always being ready whenever captioning and translation are needed

Check out how enCaption and enTranslate work together to keep everyone on the Zoom call engaged and informed for a more productive meeting, regardless of any hearing or language challenges they may have.

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