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Why We Call ClipFire a TV Channel-in-a-Box

In the way they acquire and broadcast video programs, TV stations, broadcast networks, and cable channels essentially act as powerful routers. They take in new content from outside sources or produce shows in-house, embellish them with graphics, effects, and branding, and pass them along to viewers via over the air, live streaming, or video-on-demand distribution.

Instead of a fully equipped TV station, complete with live production studios, ClipFire from ENCO integrates essential acquisition, production, and distribution tools within a compact, Windows-driven appliance. Inspired by broadcast television, ClipFire goes a step further, making it possible for a single operator or lean crew to produce and stream professional-looking videos for all kinds of presentations, including online lectures by universities, religious services by churches, and training by corporations.

Everything is at the operator’s fingertips and immediately accessible from the user-configurable graphical user interface (GUI), and many video production routines can be automated. From the user interface, it’s possible to perform a wide range of tasks including:

●       Select a video cut to playout instantly or per an automated playout schedule

●       Ingest a live stream for recording as well as simultaneous playout

●       Arrange and rearrange cuts to playout via one or more distribution channels

●       Switch between cameras, and bring up graphics and text, manually or automatically

●       Perform cuts only editing and have files transcode between formats like MOV, MPEG, and MXF

●       Monitor video as it plays out via different channels simultaneously

●       Control external devices, such as production switchers or automation systems, or have them control ClipFire

These functions can all take place simultaneously, meaning that you can be working on building your next lineup while ClipFire’s playout engine outputs the current one. Like TV stations, you may want to have your video content closed captioned to benefit the hard of hearing or output a separate version with foreign language subtitles. This can be done efficiently because ClipFire is part of a multifaceted portfolio of ENCO products, including enCaption for automated captioning and enTranslate for automated foreign language translation.

Check out our previous ClipFire blogs and/or visit our website for more information on how ClipFire can be an asset to your upcoming video creation and streaming endeavors.

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