Content Management

CreateCtrl is a powerful and intuitive solution for TV scheduling, content management, and reporting. The Suite of products provides your station with everything necessary to plan and manage your content.

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CreateCtrl Features

CreateCtrl provides an intuitive platform to schedule and analyze your programming, traffic, and operations.


Easy to Use

CreateCtrl features familiar workflows, ensuring you'll feel right at home after your first use


Streamlined Workflow

Save time by viewing all necessary information and managing your entire operation from one application


Comprehensive Toolset

CreateCtrl includes every tool necessary to take complete control of your station planning


Accessible via Web and Mobile

CreateCtrl Web Suite allows you to access your planning operations from any device with internet access


Seamless Integration with ENCO

CreateCtrl is tightly integrated into the ENCO automation environment, creating a unified and seamless experience


Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

CreateCtrl Suite 10

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CreateCtrl Web-Suite

Use the web-based event calendar to plan, generate, and manage topics and events centrally, promoting collaboration among your employees. Plan prominent and limited positions on the start screen of your VOD offer with the support of highlight planning. Features include customizable user interfaces, wizards support planning the individual events and speed up the editorial workflow. Differentiation of various planning levels for video, pictures and texts, independent of editorial responsibilities. Powerful VOD highlight planning for optimized placement of titles in different repositories and end-consumer devices.

Radio Planning System

With RPS, video content can be viewed, frame accurately pre-cut, tagged with keywords, annotated and linked to planning projects. Planning and control of editorial processes from the topical concept to the completed program schedule. Clearly displayed programs, content and broadcasts in an intuitive calendar view. Planning of resources, such as personnel, equipment and studios, with the integrated Availability Planning Tool. Seamless realization of topics from incoming email in the integrated mailbox to the completed program

ENCO Range

Our automation solutions work equally well in broadcast, A/V, corporate, retail, and many other industries.

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