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Browser Control for DAD Automation

Browser-based control for your DAD radio automation. On-air features of DAD are now accessible from your browser. Perform maintenance on libraries and playlists, plus on-air control and voice tracking are available even if you’re not in the studio. The HTML5-based interface allows native access and control from any web-enabled device.

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iDAD example on iPad

WebDAD 3.0 coming soon! 

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Mobile Automation Features

ENCO's mobile automation solutions provide you with native-level access to your automation system from anywhere with an internet connection.


Universal Browser Access

ENCO's mobile solutions aren't lite versions, but actually remote applications that offer all the features of their native counterparts


Work Anywhere

All you need is an internet connection and you're ready to get started


Easily Scale your Workforce

Outfit your entire mobile reporting team with a direct line to your studio, or add remote and part-time staff


Consistent Across Devices

The HTML5-based interface allows a consistent level of access and control from any web-enabled device


Server-Side Security

Easily manage which users can access your library; add and remove users with a click

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

WebDAD interface on a Macbook Pro


All the features of DAD, now accessible from your browser. From library and playlist maintenance to on-air control and voice tracking, it’s all there...even if you’re not.

The HTML5-based interface allows native access and control from any web-enabled device, introducing new operational efficiencies for full-time station personnel and allowing you to decentralize your workforce with part-time, contract, and remote staff.


Remotely voice track and control Presenter’s playback from your iPad anywhere with internet connectivity. Whether you're broadcasting from a home studio or going live from an event, iDAD's combination of ENCO power and iPad convenience lets you take your show on the road.

iDAD example on iPad
iPhone displaying iDAD program

iDAD and enDROID

Record audio from your smartphone, send it directly to your DAD system, and trigger macros remotely. Outfit your entire mobile reporting team with a direct line into your library. Easily broadcast live events without the need for a board operator back at the studio.

webDAD 3.0 logo

See WebDAD in Action

Watch a quick video and see how KSOI uses iDAD to decentralize their air talent and allow their volunteers to broadcast from home.

Other Web-Based Solutions

DAD, SideCAR, and MusicMaster all feature web interfaces, allowing you to keep an eye on your scheduling, playout, and logging from any device.

World Class Technical Support

All of our products are backed with 24/7 live emergency support and a comprehensive online support portal and knowledge base. Our technical support team boasts over 200 years of combined engineering experience in a wide range of broadcast professions including program directors, engineers, IT managers, and even on-air talent. From remote assistance to on-site installation, the ENCO support team is ready to help your station, even on a moment’s notice.

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