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Using ENconveyor to Keep Content Up-to-Date During Coronavirus Pandemic

For stations that cannot transition to WebDAD at this time, there are other options that one can utilize.

If a station has ENconveyor and NewDB (DropBox), they can utilize the application with a shared FTP space for transferring remote recording voice tracks.

To do this, stations would pre-define cut numbers for their breaks in their daily log.  These can be scheduled from either Music or Traffic systems and even added manually if needed.

The stations Talent would record their breaks at home and save the file as the cut number for that specific break. These files are uploaded to an FTP site. ENconveyor can download these files and pass them onto NewDB (DropBox) for ingest into their DAD Library.

These cuts will play out as a normal audio cut.

Additional details:

This can be done within an existing Library provided that there are enough open cut numbers to use.  It might also be best to do this with a unique Library if possible.  

A complete week of unique cuts can take up to 840 cuts.  (5 breaks per hour X 24 hours X 7 days = 840 unique cuts).  The 5 cuts can be News / Weather updates along with typical Talent banter.  

Talent can re-record over the same numbers from the previous week and even ‘blank’ a cut out by recording a short 0.3 second cut of silent audio.

To start, a station should create clocks with cuts numbers defined for each hour. Passing these clocks to your Talent allows them to verify the cut numbers they will be using.  

An example playlist:

Whereas each hour would have its own unique set of cut numbers for that specific break.  In the above example, Monday’s log would have Cut Number 10101 scheduled (via Music or Traffic) before the first break.  The Next break has a different Cut Number for its unique position.  

The numbers shown above could work well for a unique Library within DAD as the first number is for the day of the week, the second and third numbers can be for the hour of the day with the last numbers being the break position.    Of course, you can choose your own numbering scheme. Just make sure that each cut is unique.  Using unique cut numbers helps ensure that different talent are recording to the proper cut numbers.  

In some cases, where there is a news or weather break, a Station might choose to have that number repeat through the day or for a few hours.  This allows for critical updates of information and current conditions as needed.

The Workflow:

The Talent records their break, saving the file as the pre-recorded cut number.  

These cuts are uploaded to an FTP site.  

ENconveyor would have a rule added to retrieve these cuts from the FTP site and pass them off to NewDB which would in turn add them to the DAD Library.  NewDB would have a rule created to add these cut as the ‘Suggested Cut Number’ in order to maintain the proper cut number for playback.

The workflow is as shown:

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