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Making Video Podcasts More Memorable and Accessible

Video podcasters are always seeking to expand their audience base, often by asking for likes or for happy viewers to hit their subscribe buttons. That’s why it’s important for these new-age communicators to recognize the value of releasing fully captioned video podcasts to expand their reach.

Without captions, the audio portion will not be accessible or enjoyable to an important audience segment—the deaf and hard of hearing. And many others may be shut out should they need to turn sound off on their mobile devices in circumstances such as:

• Crowded restaurants and bars

• Public transit, airports, and traveler’s lounges

• Near those who may be sleeping, reading, or resting

• Waiting rooms, lobbies, and other public places

As a courtesy to others, viewers are often forced to skip over un-captioned videos, costing podcasters their valuable views. Also, if the podcast features many experts, complex subjects, or valuable take-aways, onscreen captions help viewers stay engaged and retain information better.

Captioned videos also enable video podcasters to:

• Optimize for search engine optimization (SEO)

• Facilitate faster, easier transcript creation

• Put links in show notes so viewers can download the full transcript

• Repurpose lengthy content into smaller segments for subsequent distribution

While many services promise to caption for a fee, if you’re regularly posting high-volume video podcasts, outsourcing this task may not be practical or cost-effective. With its enCaption automated closed captioning system, ENCO makes it possible and affordable for techies and novices alike to caption their own videos in-house.

But automating captioning isn’t a timesaver if it leaves you fixing errors. Accuracy matters!  Find out how accurately enCaption automates captions in near real-time, even learning unique spellings and terminology users may require.

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