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Thursday, August 19, 2021


3:00 pm

Are your town's meetings fully accessible to all your residents equally? Are your meetings and other broadcasts in compliance with ADA requirements? If you're captioning your broadcasts and streams currently, are you spending valuable money where real savings can be found without sacrificing accuracy, while improving reliability and speed? Government transparency shouldn't be just for some. Now you can combine ENCO's industry leading AI technology for closed captions with Cablecast Community Media's seamless distribution workflow to generate more accessible content for everyone in your community across all platforms. Join us to learn more about how ENCO's enCaption system can enhance your city's content, "learn" local terminology and do it at cost-effective rates in tandem with your Cablecast system. Listen and learn from an actual Cablecast user, as Michael D'Amato, Station Manager for the Township of Edison, New Jersey discusses why they trust the automated speech recognition offering from ENCO, and why accessibility matters to their residents. Michael will also offer insights into his workflows including editing of caption files, and you'll get to see a video he made for their viewers, on how to turn captions on and off at home.

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    Number Five so first Nick Jonas and now Mariska Hargitay what happened but she's not saying what happened but yes she posted a photo on her Instagram yesterday. She's got her right leg in a knee brace, her left ankle in a boot and she captioned it that feeling when you go to the doctor, get an MRI and find out that you have a broken knee, a hairline fracture in your ankle and a torn ligament.

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    Oh my gosh. Oh, was that just for a general checkup or, I guess she was in pain and just you know, like Al walked around on a  bum knee for a long time before he finally went in but she said it's always a good idea to go to the doctor immediately and then after a bunch of hashtags that included busting perps with busted knees, Mariska added great news is I don't need surgery and just so you know, this did not happen at work.

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    Oh, ok. If it had they would have played its Law and Order. Yeah. After That.

  • 00:59

    But thankfully she's got plenty of time to heal I guess because season twenty two of Law and Order has been wrapped and they've only got three episodes left before the June 3rd season finale.

  • 01:10

    And I always when I see Law and Order SVU I always in my brain my dyslexic brain SUV I know you're not you're not the only one. Ok, cool.

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    All right. So if you were a big fan of Parks and Recreation. Yes. Before then you may be very familiar with Mouse Rat. Yes. Tell me More. That would be the cover band. Right fronted by Chris Pratt's character Andy Dwyer. They would perform on the series from time to time even though it was a fake band created for Parks and Rec Mouse Rat is putting out a real album.

  • 01:46

    That's awesome of course. Well it's called the awesome album. Yes. And based on the track list I did recognize a couple of covers it looks like but the single is called five thousand candles in the wind parentheses Bye bye Lil Sebastian which is apparently a tribute to a dead horse, a pony, a dead pony.

  • 02:10

    I didn't watch the show I just saw they got a music video for it apparently and I just saw a still shot of it with the horse all magical looking a pony recipes but the album is available the awesome album is called on August 27th.

  • 02:27

    Is that the ghost speaking? That's my kids fighting. Oh, I was like I thought maybe Trey had a single and it was starting sounds like no no no that's just Casey and Chloe going out this what are you fighting about? I don't know. I'm lovely. It almost sounded like a song. We were like no no I think Chloe was going into Casey and slime and he was going so that's that's a story.

  • 02:54

    All right. So Ana very excitedly told us first thing this morning that Austin city limits is back this year. Yeah. Is going to be the twentieth anniversary by the way. The lineup will be announced gosh. In less than than two hours now and then the three day general admission tickets go on sale at noon central. I don't know I don't have any inside scoop about who's performing at ACL but I do know that it's happening both weekends October 1st through the 3rd and October eight through the tenth.

  • 03:22

    All right. I was the last time they had it. That Was in 2019. Yes. Yeah, I saw Billie Eilish Childish Gambino Kacey Musgraves Lizzo I was there last time I saw Eminem. That was good. That's great. Well, there's another music Festival that tickets go on sale today. Oh no they're already on sale. Excuse me. They are already on sale. It's Lollapalooza. Amazing.

  • 03:54

    And that's going to be in Chicago July 29th through August 1st. You've got Foo Fighters Post Malone Tyler the Creator Miley Cyrus Marshmallow Megan Thee Stallion Roddy Rich Journey Lollapalooza is on my bucket list a top headliner so if you're interested in that you've got music festival back galore but excited now are you excited to hear that Adam Levine is coming back to The Voice?

  • 04:22

    Yes, really I'm kind of digging Nick Jonas and John Legend right now but it ain't like that. It ain't like anything like that. No, no. It's one night only he's going to be performing With Maroon Five. Yeah. Oh Cool. They're going to play Their song Beautiful Mistakes featuring Megan.

  • 04:41

    This is going to be there. Yeah. Oh yeah. You know on the season finale it's it's the seat gosh. Season twenty of The Voice believe it or not and that's happening this coming Tuesday night. So Adam will be back just for this and also Gwen Stefani is going to be back she's going to be performing with sweetie and then you've also got Justin Bieber showing up to perform Snoop Dogg, Kelsey Ballerini One Republic Thomas Rhett Lawrence eagle a bunch more and the boys come in strong with their voice.

  • 05:10

    They always bring in, you know, big yeah. I want that kid to sing voice to many in Cam he's good. He's on Blake's team. I don't have there's no listing of anybody from boseman being there but that would have been cool if they got to sing with them they'd be dope. Yeah.

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    So a lot of people are very concerned about Matthew Perry one you know we've got the Friends reunion finally coming on May 27th a week from today on HBO because today is the 20th right on HBO max. And now all the promos are coming out and People Magazine if you want to go watch they did a little interview with all six of the men separately from the women and Matthew didn't speak a lot but when he did it was slurred speech. It was slow speech. He was funny But he wasn't quick. You know, The other guys talked a lot more maybe to cover for him.

  • 06:05

    I don't know. He was very slouched over. He didn't look healthy. But look, Matthew Perry has had a hard time of it. He's given interviews in the past about how he was in like a jet ski accident many years ago like in 1997 and after that it left him addicted to Vicodin.

  • 06:21

    And you remember when he he said he can't even remember shooting three years of friends. He said somewhere between season three and season six I was a little out of it and remember his weight would fluctuate so brightly. I remember one end of one season he was kind of a healthy weight. They of course the next episode supposed to pick up like the same day when they came back and he was super skinny and everybody's wearing the same clothes but he was emaciated.

  • 06:47

    Yeah, I saw that screenshot same clothes and everything but completely different look really different because that's when he was at the height of his issues and then I was looking up because I remember I told he was hospitalized for several months. Apparently he had some intestinal issues. He had to have surgery that left him hospitalized for three months in 2013.

  • 07:06

    So he's battled all sorts of health complications but people are but we haven't seen him in the public eye in so long. And so when people see this video and they hear him and they see him you know, everybody's aged all of them have aged.

  • 07:19

    Yeah. But they were like this is heartbreaking. People like I love them so much this is hurting my heart. But you know, he's happily engaged now from what we understand even though remember we were just last week playing how he was he was on that right? Yeah right. Yeah yeah yeah. Baby, you sent the video to the nineteen year old girl and then she called him creepy for talking to her but she had match for them too so we were mad and they said he was such a nice guy.

  • 07:45

    Yeah dude and that little clip we played when what she liked he seemed ok then maybe he has good days and bad days.

  • 07:53

    Yeah yeah he was really lucid in that clip he sounded like himself.

  • 07:57

    Or I mean it's a reunion friends reunion so they're like here's all the alcohol and he just helped himself to a little.

  • 08:04

    No I don't think so. I think they would be very careful about that around him. But he said he would drink it by 2001 in addition to his addictions, he was drinking a quart of vodka. He was drinking vodka by the quart showing up for work so hungover he said that's when he said he just doesn't remember something so sad.

  • 08:24

    But still good on the show I still enjoy I don't know I remember thinking maybe he's maybe he's on a really strict diet or something. I didn't realize the time it was, you know, drugs and alcohol anyway. Got that to look forward to. And that's a showbiz top five.

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    Go on set your home page to Kidd TV.com. You know you want to watch us. We'll wait to see more of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is on the way. The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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